The Pandemic may not be over, but the geeks are back...

The Venue:

The grace moore estate

Now known as Buimoor, Cloner's parents have been kind enough to let us host the event at their house. With 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 400 amps of power and 1Gbps internet access, we're in good hands.

Virtual geeks can still join us at: GeekFest Discord Server



Cat Herding and Automation Saboteur


In-game Logistics and Rage Control


Infrastructure & Over Analysis


Caster and Video Production Expert Advisor


Django Master and Stats Overseer


Party security

Please note that Geekfest is not responsible for your safety. Participants in the geekfest have not died but have blamed life threatening illnesses on the event. High blood pressure from rage, social anxiety from repetitive sudden tragedies, alcoholism from peer pressure drinking and depression from poor play have all been reported. Some GF members have been known to completely withdraw from society for weeks following humilating play. Geekfest is also not responsible for your personal property. Anything you smash as a result of unanticipated game outcomes is your own responsibility. Finally, note that GF has been rumored to have adverse and damaging impacts on personal relationships. Please play responsibily and consider those around you who are not playing. Your pets, wives, girlfriends, kids and other family members are ALWAYS more important than that headshot.