The Venue:

The grace moore estate

Now known as Buimoor, Cloner's family has been kind enough to let us host the event at their house a SECOND TIME! With 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 400 amps of power, 1Gbps internet access, and a successful GF:Live there last year, we're setup for success!

Virtual geeks can still join us at: GeekFest Discord Server

What do i bring?

Your gaming rig is the obvious answer, but at every live event there are little extras you should consider when packing up:

  • Power: We cannot guranty a fault free electrical hookup, so PROTECT YOUR RIG. Bring a surge protectors and/or UPS as you see fit.

  • Ethernet cables: WiFi is not a recommended option for competitive gameplay. We'll provide the switch and connection, but you need a cable for your rig to get there.

  • Headphones with Mic: You will have virtual players on your team and nobody wants to listen to your gameplay, so bring your headphones!

  • Monitor and stand: You will have a table to setup on. Any height adjustments, angling or custom display configuration is up to you.

  • Mouse and keyboard: Seems obvious but people forget stuff. We'll have a few extras just in case.

Other Stuff:

  • If you are staying over, bring bedding. We have a few beds but can't guaranty you'll get one.

  • Personal hygiene. Gaming excitement brings perspiration. Be ready so we don't have to know you're stressed.

  • Food. We'll order in lunch and dinner but snacks are what make a Geekfest fun. Please bring stuff you love to eat and drink in enough quantity to share.

In an effort to reduce waste, we welcome you to bring you're own re-usable cup and plate. We will provide paper plates and aluminum solo cups for those who don't.

Game Servers:

PRIMARY Event Server: steam://connect/

BACKUP Event Server: steam://connect/

FALLBACK Event Server: steam://connect/



Cat Herding and Automation Saboteur


In-game Logistics and Rage Control


Infrastructure & Over Analysis


Caster and Video Production Expert Advisor


Django Master and Stats Overseer


Party security

2022 Magic Quadrant

The first annual Geekfest Magic Quadrant has been released for this years GF:Live event. In order to qualify for MQ consideration, geeks needed to play at least 10 rounds during the year. The "completeness of play" looks at the number of rounds played and a geek's ability to survive, while the ability to execute looks at the damage the player does while playing.

The LEADER quadrant shows us those geeks who show, survive and do a lot of damage while the RISK TAKERS are those who may do a lot of damage but die more or miss a lot of rounds. The SAFE PLAYERS have a knack for being there and surviving but not doing as much damage and the LAGGARDS, well... we know what we do.

Please note that Geekfest is not responsible for your safety. Participants in the geekfest have not died but have blamed life threatening illnesses on the event. High blood pressure from rage, social anxiety from repetitive sudden tragedies, alcoholism from peer pressure drinking and depression from poor play have all been reported. Some GF members have been known to completely withdraw from society for weeks following humilating play. Geekfest is also not responsible for your personal property. Anything you smash as a result of unanticipated game outcomes is your own responsibility. Finally, note that GF has been rumored to have adverse and damaging impacts on personal relationships. Please play responsibily and consider those around you who are not playing. Your pets, wives, girlfriends, kids and other family members are ALWAYS more important than that headshot.