Wingman Challenge

New to this year's fest is the CSGO:Wingman challenge. Unlikely pairs of geeks go at it in wingman rounds to compete for the finals at the event. The two finalists will be determined by the number of WINS (not W/L Ratio). So playing MORE is rewarded (unless you lose them all). You should only play any other pair ONCE. Master class pairs (Dream and Cloner) are EXCLUDED from winning the competition but are welcome to compete. Any team that beats them gets the "W"

Note: You will need to create your OWN lobbies for these match ups. Use the #Steam-Friendship (discord) to add each player on Steam. If you don't know how to host Wingman for your party, check out #How-To-Wingman (discord).

Here are the rules for your matches:

  • Tier rules remain in effect for all matches (No gold tier autosnipes, etc...)

  • Wins are reported on the honor system with the losing team contesting if there's an error

  • Use the provided Discord channels with your wingman

  • Matches are a Best of 1 - Map to be agreed upon by both teams

  • Unthink will provide any oversight, game time decisions or discrepancy settlements (except for his own matches)

How to Submit:

To report your matches, submit a "W" or "L" to #Wingman-Reporting (discord) and ping @Einsteins to update the bracket. Only one member needs to do this, unless there is dispute.

Link to the full Bracket/Standings -